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Re: [K12OSN] Introducing ourselves

If the printer is able to work on the server then you can configure it
to work on client. You will needa client with USB2 sockets. I am
working four/five printers in my office like this.
Thanks for your help. I tried again the way you suggested, to no result. I cabled our HP1015 to the server and it immediately recognized it and added it to the printers list. But when I disconnected it from the server and connected to one of the clients' USB2 port, the printer, although still listed, appeared as "disconnected - check cable" and didn't work. I must say my K12 is plain vanilla, i.e. I made no special configuration. Did you change any setting for letting printers work?
Not very clear but if you want to open a session on server from client
you can do that by some thing like:

Xnest -indirect serverip :1

Or from client do ssh -X serverip and then after log in run the
command. In simple terms the -X allows graphical pass through.

If you need to run from server on the client something then you will
have to configure client to make sure that it allows remote logins and
also forwarding of XDMCP.


This was really useful to me. I managed to ping the server, opened an ssh terminal session on it, and, by running "ssh -X" command as you suggested I could open graphic programs on my desktop. I didn't know of this possibility, and it's really useful. Probably "Xnest" is what I was looking for, to work on the server, but unfortunately I get a "Xnest: malloc() memory corruption... " followed by a deluge of hexadecimals and other stuff. The good news is that from a Windows machine running CygWin I can get perfect remote login screens on the same server. So server configuration appear correct, but client has some problems. I'll try to remove and download again Xnest to see if the problem disappears.

  Thanks again
  Gianugo Altieri

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