[K12OSN] RAID Question

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 18:16:37 UTC 2009

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> After that I test
> the disk controller  by formatting them...

This may be a superstition going back to the old days of having tracking 
information laid down in the formatting step - and controllers with 
slight differences, but I always do a low-level format on scsi drives 
when I move them to a machine with a different controller type or if I 
don't know where they were before.  It probably really isn't necessary 
any more but it does give the drive a chance to remap any questionable 
blocks transparently.  With IDE and SATA, I'm not sure if this is even 

   Les Mikesell
     lesmikesell at gmail.com

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