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Re: [K12OSN] directory services in a linux centric cross platform workstation environment

You might want to look at Fedora/RedHat Directory Server.  I just took Red Hat's class in it last month and have been practicing with it.  It is pretty cool and will indeed authenticate MS Windows boxes.  Even has a GUI interface!  :-)  Macintoshes, I understand, "just work" in an LDAP environment.

Yes, I'd stay away from the MS Craptive Directory if I were you.  You're thinking right-on here.

Do you GNU?
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Hoover Chan wrote:
The subject line is quite a mouthful but that's pretty much the question I'm mulling over right now.

I've been bombarded by proponents of Active Directory for Windows and Open Directory for the Macintosh with all the different neat network applications that become easy to implement and manage if only I switch the servers to the appropriate platform. Does anyone here have a mostly Macintosh and Windows workstation environment that integrates well with an OpenLDAP type Linux centric server? If so, how hard is it to build?

A lot of my colleagues at different schools locally seem to come from using AD as their core directory service and then "bend" everything to adapt to that. I'd hate to be forced into building a Windows server just for AD...

Thanks in advance.

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