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Re: [K12OSN] directory services in a linux centric cross platform workstation environment

Hoover Chan wrote:
re: huge .profile directories slowing things to a crawl

I experienced that but ran out of time to figure it out to a satisfactory conclusion. A pointer to how to solve it?

I wrote a blog post on how to fix these here.

I echo TP's sentiment, that you are on the right foot to stay away from AD. I am going to check out the Fedora/RedHat solution as our ldap server is aging and could probably use an update. For now, we are just using a standard openLDAP implementation with samba on linux servers of various flavors.
re: planning to use ltsp as the core of the new directory service

No, I'm not planning to do that but thought that the collected audience here would be knowledgeable and sympathetic toward a FOSS solution to this rather than resorting to buying a Windows Active Directory or Apple Macintosh Open Directory server.

Most of the workstations and laptops here on the academic side of the house are Macintoshes. Easily about 85% of our campus are Macs. The remaining are Windows for the administration (we use something called Blackbaud for administrative computing which is Windows specific). I have one Linux workstation...


Hoover Chan                     chan sacredsf org 
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----- "Bob Mead" <bmead lane k12 or us> wrote:

We use openLDAP as our main authentication tool. Our school is mostly

win-doze desktops with some macs, yet our server infrastructure is 
mainly linux. We have only two win servers (required for a few
apps). All of our clients (some 1300+ computers district-wide) 
authenticate through the LDAP server. I wasn't here for the build out,

but I can say that it works. For our win clients we have samba to
win-style shares and we use roaming profiles to allow transparency on

the network. The problem we have is that our users tend to generate
.profile directories and this slows down the login process to a crawl

[or worse]. Once we fix that - it works seamlessly. As a side note,
our ltsp terminals and servers use the ldap server to authenticate.

Upon re-reading your post below, are you trying to build an ltsp
that is also your main openLDAP authentication server (in lieu of an
or other auth. server)? If this is so, then I would guess that your 
installation is going to be somewhat complex.


Hoover Chan wrote:
The subject line is quite a mouthful but that's pretty much the
question I'm mulling over right now.
I've been bombarded by proponents of Active Directory for Windows
and Open Directory for the Macintosh with all the different neat
network applications that become easy to implement and manage if only
I switch the servers to the appropriate platform. Does anyone here
have a mostly Macintosh and Windows workstation environment that
integrates well with an OpenLDAP type Linux centric server? If so, how
hard is it to build?
A lot of my colleagues at different schools locally seem to come
from using AD as their core directory service and then "bend"
everything to adapt to that. I'd hate to be forced into building a
Windows server just for AD...
Thanks in advance.

Hoover Chan                     chan sacredsf org 
Technology Director 
Schools of the Sacred Heart 
2222 Broadway St. 
San Francisco, CA 94115

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