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Re: [K12OSN] directory services in a linux centric cross platform workstation environment

Here's a tip from "that other guy."  :-)

The GUI administration tool is a Java app.  RH is working on making it work with GNU Classpath, so hopefully by RHEL 6 (meaning CentOS 6 as well), the entire stack will be Free.  But it nonetheless does work.

One other thing:  I took the class, and that gave me a good jump-start regarding how LDAP works.  But be forewarned that there is a learning curve with pretty much any UNIX-based LDAP out there.  That said, it's worth it.  Definitely.

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David L. Willson wrote:
Have you tried Fedora DS or Red Hat DS?  That other guy spoke pretty well of them, and I'm pretty proud of the pure Linux back end at one of my client sites.  I'd hate to give it up if there's a Free LDAP that doesn't suck.  I'll agree with you that Microsoft AD generally doesn't suck, but I really see some importance in the "Free-ness".

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----- "Conrad Lawes" <pxeboot gmail com> wrote:

I'm not usually one to stick up for Microsoft, but ...

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