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Re: [K12OSN] client ip VS my ip during boot

Marc Fromm wrote:

I have set the client IPs based on mac addresses in the dhcp file.

When the client boots it reports CLIENT IP: the ip that I assigned.

It then reports my IP seems to be: a different IP than what I assigned.


Is the conflict between CLIENT IP and My IP seems to be the problem why this client wont boot?

The boot eventually fails with the message that is cannot find kernel image: linux.

Hmm...it shouldn't matter what your thin client's IP address is, provided that you're getting an IP address on that subnet.  Another possibility is that there's a second DHCP server on that subnet that isn't configured for the LTSP boot stuff.

Are you sure you don't have any other DHCP servers on that subnet?

Also, any way that you can give us the boot messages, even if you have to hand-type them in yourself, so we can see what's happening before the failure?


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