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Re: [K12OSN] More feedback on Fedora 10 + LTSP

On 04/27/2009 09:23 PM, David Hopkins wrote:
Actually I can't make a claim either way since right now I'm confused
about just how much throughput I am getting without ltspbr0 even
present.  I install iftop as well as ntop and have tried launching
tuxmath on several thin clients simultaneously.

Where do you find tuxmath?  It seems it isn't in Fedora 11 at least.

For iftop: The first thin client used appr 38Mb/s just to bring up the
menu. When running, it was using appr 70Mb/s for the game.  The second
client likewise used appr 38Mb/s for the menu. However, the moment I
selected an option from the menu, both instances dropped to around
56Mb/s.  When I added a third client, this dropped again, into the mid
30Mb/s range.  The total throughput stayed constant at around 110Mb/s.
  However, even at 3 clients, the game was not playable (it was very
very slow).  I continued adding clients and iftop continued to report
that the max stayed around 110Mb/s but the bandwidth for each client
dropped with each addition.  At six clients, it was about 18Mb/s per

Does tuxmath normally use that insane amount of bandwidth? 70Mb/sec is comparable to 320x240 30fps Youtube video. Absolutely nothing other than video in my experience using anything near that amount of bandwidth.

However, the switch still showed that the link between it and the
server was 1000Mb/s.  So .. why is only about 1/10 of the bandwidth
being used as far as iftop is concerned?

I have never used iftop before this, so I don't know how good it is.


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