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[K12OSN] Strange edubuntu Behavior

I have a strange issue with an Edubuntu server that is running 9.04 in a school. I have been reading this list for some time and the level of knowledge is amazing. I am hoping that someone has experienced this problem and found a fix, or has an idea of what to look for. I am a noob compared to the skills I see on this list.

I am thinking it has something to do with permissions, but that is only a guess

When I go to log into the server it asks for my username once, but my password twice. If I want to launch an application that requires root access, ie: synaptic, it prompts for my password then does nothing. I can launch the application from the CLI but it also asks for my password twice.

About the same time, I cannot remember if it appeared at exactly the same time, the clients started refusing to login. I enter the username and password, the screen says verifying password for about a minute and then it says that the server is not responding and goes to a black screen.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated.

Jeff Bonton

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