[K12OSN] Intel D945GCLF2

Steven James Drinnan steven at sjdsoft.hk
Fri Aug 7 01:20:25 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 10:55 -0400, David Curtis wrote:
> We have been experimenting with the Intel D945GCLF2 desktop board and we
> are having issues with the video (no 3d works) it is basically using
> vesa and not the correct driver. We boot the live Fedora 11 usb on the
> board and it works great but when we boot the client to the Fedora 11
> server (K12Linux) it works like ass.
> We have exhausted out idea's and we are hoping someone here has some
> idea.
> Thanks in advance.
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Are you talking about the onboard graphics card. 

If so there is a problem with the current driver. (As a side note this
problem has also been reported with windows so it known problem on
intels side). See my bug report here.



1. Do you see the plymouth boot screen? if yes then it is using the
intel driver. I would recommend using F10 version. The driver works but
has problems with compiz. And you have to adjust grub if you want to see
the plymouth boot screen (vga=792 nomodeset)

If no, then it is prob using vesa like you said but I think not. Try
recreating the X11 config file and force it that way.

1. Install system-config-display
yum install system-config-display

2. Run system-config-display and save your changes. This will create
X11.conf file and will use this config when boot your server.

3. Also try using 'nomodeset' in grub (tell me if you need help on how
to do that.

I hope this helps

Steven Drinnan

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