[K12OSN] School K12Linux clients not able to complete boot after 50+ or so clients are up

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Fri Aug 21 02:36:02 UTC 2009


I think I understand you right? This is happening on more than one
server? Just curious if by chance you are running the same brand/model
of switches on all of these? What brand/model of switch are you using?
If you are running these TC's via a managed switch your switch is a
possible suspect. I know you wouldn't think so, being this is actually
an OS upgrade/change but I have seen different kernel versions act a bit
different in regards to 'network negotiation'. 
Do you have just a cheapy plug and play switch you can temporarily try
and see if the results are the same?

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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