[K12OSN] Current lab server recommendations for K12Linux

Daniel Howard dhhoward at comcast.net
Sun Aug 30 17:21:41 UTC 2009

Dell has a special on starter servers, $331 gets you a Dual Core AMD® 
Athlon™ 4450B; 2.3GHz,2X512K Cache, with 4 GB RAM and two 250MB HDDs, 
read only DVD drive. I'm looking for a server for a 1:1 classroom with 
about 33 thin clients, this seems like it would do fine, but any 
thoughts out there?

Thanks once again to all for helping us make the transition to 
K12Linux/F10 from K12LTSP/CentOS. With over 40 schools now in Atlanta 
running it, most with 2:1 ratio of PCs to students, it made a huge 

Best, Daniel

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