[K12OSN] Re: Current lab server recommendations for K12Linux

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Mon Aug 31 20:24:46 UTC 2009

As you said long ago, don't get too cheap on a server. This should do
okay but really is at the bottom end of even where consumer desktops are
in computing power. If the whole class decides to visit a flash-based
site at the same time, there may be some grumbling.

Quad cores aren't that much more. If you were buying just a bare CPU,
you could get a quad-core AMD for $110. The chip in this server is a
clear out model, the successor only costs $60. 

Also, see what the cache sizes are on the drives. Again, the spread in
price between a 250 gb with 2mb and speedy 500 - 750 can be as little as

Glad to hear things are going well.


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> Dell has a special on starter servers, $331 gets you a Dual Core AMD 
> Athlon 4450B; 2.3GHz,2X512K Cache, with 4 GB RAM and two 250MB HDDs, 
> read only DVD drive. I'm looking for a server for a 1:1 classroom
> with 
> about 33 thin clients, this seems like it would do fine, but any 
> thoughts out there?
> Thanks once again to all for helping us make the transition to 
> K12Linux/F10 from K12LTSP/CentOS. With over 40 schools now in Atlanta 
> running it, most with 2:1 ratio of PCs to students, it made a huge 
> difference.
> Best, Daniel

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