[K12OSN] Re: Current lab server recommendations for K12Linux

Daniel Howard dhhoward at comcast.net
Mon Aug 31 23:39:52 UTC 2009

William Fragakis wrote:
> Daniel, 
> As you said long ago, don't get too cheap on a server. This should do
> okay but really is at the bottom end of even where consumer desktops are
> in computing power. If the whole class decides to visit a flash-based
> site at the same time, there may be some grumbling.
> Quad cores aren't that much more. If you were buying just a bare CPU,
> you could get a quad-core AMD for $110. The chip in this server is a
> clear out model, the successor only costs $60. 
> Also, see what the cache sizes are on the drives. Again, the spread in
> price between a 250 gb with 2mb and speedy 500 - 750 can be as little as
> $20-30. 
Crap, I wish I'd waited one more day, I ordered it yesterday.  I priced 
the quad core from Dell and it doubled the cost, this was a special with 
$300 off the normal price, guess we know why now...good news is it's for 
an English class at Sutton, with the old laptops as thin clients and the 
APS classroom thin clients...even a good server wouldn't help those 
clients much with video I think.  But the next server I buy is probably 
for the lab, so I'll keep all of your comments in mind!

Best, Daniel

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