[K12OSN] NAT and connections through it.

Patrick Fleming k12ltsp at rwcinc.net
Tue Feb 3 13:19:21 UTC 2009

Doug Simpson wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. . .
> I know how to turn nat on and off. . . my question is how to let them
> access a computer outside the NAT.
> Will read over what you sent again and see if I can make heads or
> tails out of it. . .
> Squid didn't do it. . . unless I didn't do it right. . .
> Doesn't squid only to web proxying?
> Thanks again for your reply.
> Doug

Are you sure that you need NAT for this? If this is a different private
space network then you probably need to set up a static route on
whichever machine is running your gateway - which is probably also the
NAT machine. What is the output of: route -n

> Doug Simpson Technology Specialist De Queen Public Schools De Queen,
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>>>> Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com> 2/2/2009 2:28 PM >>>
> Doug Simpson wrote:
>> These are not thin clients. . . It is a lab of computers. An
>> E.A.S.T. lab to be specific, so they pretty much have full reign
>> over them. I put the NAT in there so that when they get virus
>> innfected, I can shell into the server that runs NAT and stop NAT
>> and they are isolated. . . jsut that fast.
>> Now, I need to be able to let them talk to a virus server out on
>> the rest of the network for updates and etc. . .
>> Thanks for the reply!

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