[K12OSN] Dell Offers Enterprise Linux Operating System from Novell to Address Growing Market for Thin Clients

Nils Breunese nils at breun.nl
Wed Feb 4 23:34:38 UTC 2009

Bob wrote:

> I own a small business and ran Red Hat from about 4.1 or so up to RH10
> and then found FC less than usefull and RH enterprise way over our
> heads technically and financiallly and switched to SUSE.  Am now
> looking real close at Ubuntu but haven't made that commitment, yet.
> it almost seemed like Red Hat didn't want my business and yes we
> bought full versions with support.
> just one persons experience, I appreciate everything Red Hat does to
> support linux, I probably would not be using Linux today if it were
> not for the efforts of Red Hat years ago, but since RH 10 it seems
> they don't want my business anymore.

I don't believe there ever was a Red Hat 10, right? I was wondering if  
CentOS wouldn't be a more logical OS to switch to when coming from Red  
Hat? Or are you getting SuSE with support? I actually kind of  
understand that a company might not want everybody's business. It  
might just make a whole lot more sense (business-wise) to concentrate  
on particular target audiences, although I have no idea if that was  
the case here.

I do know that I have some investments in RPM and for that reason  
won't be switching to a DEB-based distro like Ubuntu for our servers  
any time soon. But it's a nice distro for the desktop and I use it  
quite frequently myself. But hey, that's nice thing about having a lot  
of distro's, right?

Nils Breunese.

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