[K12OSN] Network boot hangs

Peter Trifonov petert at dcn.infos.ru
Mon Feb 9 07:54:44 UTC 2009


I have installed K12LTSP 5-EL/32 bit onto a server in my network. It works
fine with relatively modern client PCs.
However, booting 12-year old HP Vectra PCs (Pentium-200 CPU, 96 MB RAM)
hangs with the words "Freeing ram used by initramfs". 
The system is not really frozen, but nothing happens.  I have a few such
PCs, and all of them exhibit such behavior. I have observed some NFS traffic
between the server and the client before it hangs. 

Does anyone have any suggestions what can be wrong with the clients?

With best regards,
P. Trifonov

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