[K12OSN] Serial mouse (ttyS0) in K12LTSP Fedora 10

Danilo Câmara fcdanilo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 00:20:58 UTC 2009

I have some (really) old terminals that don't have a PS/2 mouse port and
can only use serial mice.

Since Fedora Core 5, serial mice are no longer supported (see:

As the clients machines in recent K12LTSP run Fedora 10 distribution,
they don't support serial mice. The typical lts.conf configuration for
serial mice doesn't work either:

    X_MOUSE_PROTOCOL    = "Microsoft"
    X_MOUSE_DEVICE      = "/dev/ttyS0"
    X_MOUSE_BUTTONS     = "3"

Does anyone knows a way to make serial mice work in K12LTSP Fedora 10?


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