[K12OSN] Very frustrating!

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 01:55:40 UTC 2009


2009/1/31 Conrad Lawes <pxeboot at gmail.com>:
> At some point and time you will have to determine how much is your time and
> frustration  worth.    A network-able laser printer can be bought for about
> $150 or less nowadays.   Why not just pick a printer that you know will
> work?  IMHO,  usb-only printer as not well suited for more than a couple of
> users especially when they attached to  Windows machine.

I may be forced into this situation sooner than later in fact.  This
HP Laserjet 1000 is actually HP's low end, personal home printer but
thanks to hooking it up to a windows 98 machine (in the previous lab's
incarnation) we probably printed close to 1000 pages a month of 5
years!  It certainly was far beyond the expected performance of the
printer in our 12-computer lab.  Now it's starting to show it's age
because someone broke (by pulling out a sheet that was jammed I think)
one of the rollers that ejects the page and now it doesn't eject the
last centimeter or so of each page, causing each sheet to push out the
next onto the desk, etc.  If I was to look into a new network printer
the quick question is  -- can you put a network printer on the same
switch as the thin client network?  If I need to follow this up with
more questions I'll probably start a new thread.


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