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[K12OSN] Sound volume fixed

ltsp-5.1.56 is now being pushed to updates.

This includes a fix that allows the VOLUME options in lts.conf to work again. It was working a few versions ago, but then we added alsa-plugins-pulseaudio to the chroot to allow localapps to use pulseaudio. This had the unexpected side-effect of breaking sound volume setting. This is now fixed.

You need to either rebuild your /opt/ltsp/i386 chroot or yum update in your chroot to pick up this update of ltsp-client.

In other news, K12Linux F10 Live Server Stable 3 is out. This release has several bug fixes over Stable 2. I believe this release to be VERY STABLE. I am now writing up a big announcement for fedora-announce-list.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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