[K12OSN] NAT and connections through it.

Patrick Fleming k12ltsp at rwcinc.net
Tue Feb 3 14:24:35 UTC 2009

Doug Simpson wrote:

> Yes the server itself can reach the destination. It is on the
> 10.40.x.x network. The computers in the lab are on a 192.168.100.x
> network.

Can you run a traceroute to the IP in question?
I think we need a little more on the layout of your network.

eg. LTSP server 10.40.x.1, how many interfaces?

> On a side note, when I did get into it (now I can't and that is a
> different discussion) I was told to add a route and after I did that,
> it brought the rest of the Internet traffic to a screeching halt
> whenever NAT was running. As a result, I had to completely take the
> NAT server out of the equation until I can get that fixed, but I
> can't get back into the system-config-network with a GUI so I have
> the route add options. (do you know of a way to do that from a text
> console?)

route -n will show the routes numerically
route add -net gw (IP address of a machine/router
reachable by the 10.40.x server) will add the network and
should only route hosts based upon that network - note that you can also
use the netmask option to limit which hosts appear in the range.

route will also take the host as a parameter, eg.
route add -host (the machine hosting the files that you
want) gw 10.40.x

> I may just rebuild that server from scratch. . . it has been running
> fine until a few days ago when I started mucking with it to get those
> computers to see out.. .
> But that is another day's project. . .  I would like to get it
> working anyway, though. . .
> Doug

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