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Subject: A new way to learn the piano - a useful Edubuntu program?
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Hi All,

I am the author of Piano Booster and I though it might be a useful
educational program to include with Edubuntu.

Piano Booster is a new free Open Source Application that makes sight
reading music fun.

It takes elements of the game Guitar Hero but now it uses a real Piano
Keyboard and the game has been turned sideways so the notes scroll
along a musical stave. So instead of pressing buttons on a fake guitar
you end up learning to play a real musical instrument -- the piano.

To find out what it is all about take a look at the YouTube video:


or look at the screen shot:


First choose a MIDI file then select the "left" hand or the "right"
hand or if you are feeling really brave choose "both hands" and try to
play along. The "Follow You" mode make it really easy to sight read
the scrolling notes as the whole accompaniment will stop and wait for
you to find and play the right notes. The accuracy bar monitors how
well you are playing.

The software is available for free (Open Source GPL) for both Linux
and Windows from this site:


I am not sure how to get this program considered for inclusion with


L o u i s      B a r m a n

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