[K12OSN] Dell Offers Enterprise Linux Operating System from Novell to Address Growing Market for Thin Clients

Moon moon at smbis.com
Wed Feb 4 16:24:07 UTC 2009

I am well aware of who Warren is and his contributions, for which I am
grateful. But as Scott noted, without 100% commitment by Red Hat to the
SMB (Small and Medium Business) market sector for their business needs,
Red Hat's thunder may be stolen by companies that are more SMB market
focused. The SMB market will be the area where Linux is successful or
not. I've been around long enough and have seen many companies come and
go that kept their focus on the big prize, the enterprise business
sector. Even Cisco has made changes to their business strategy to now
put more focus on the SMB market sector, as they have noted that it is
the area where there is greater growth. Even Microsoft with their
product line knows you have to give customers what they want and need or
they'll not buy, look at their Vista snafu because they didn't pay
attention to the SMB market needs. BTW, I am 100% pro Red Hat and would
love to expand my business opportunities with them, but I have to have
what the customer wants and needs to make a living at it...

On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 23:53 -1000, R. Scott Belford wrote:

> I believe that the point Moon has made is that the Company, Novell,
> with its sponsored gnu/linux distribution called SuSE, as well as its
> free, community alternative, OpenSuse(1), has made a commitment to
> thin client computing.  This means that you have enterprise support,
> marketing, and a completely free alternative.  The OEM deals, while
> not appealing to me, make it more palatable to those with budgets and
> OPM.
> If Red Hat puts a team behind the Desktop and Thin Clients, then they,
> too, can be said to be making a Company commitment to said
> technologies.  Warren, while an employee, is not bringing forth a Red
> Hat branded and supported thin client solution.  He is performing an
> extraordinary act of community contribution, as a Red Hat employee,
> and we all hope that it succeeds to the point that it makes its way
> into the RHEL stack.
> This is still an important (and arguably tragic) distinction when the
> part of the adoption curve you are pushing is not at the level of the
> early adopters but rather at the level of the check writers.
> --scott
> 1 http://en.opensuse.org/LTSP
> 2009/2/3 "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com>:
> > Not a good way to do that, Moon.  Where do you think Warren Togami comes
> > from?  You did notice that his email address ends in "@redhat.com", right?
> >
> > The fact that Red Hat has stayed true to its Free Software roots (thus
> > making CentOS possible) makes choosing Red Hat a no-brainer for me.  I don't
> > see Novell sponsoring this list.  I don't see an educational/LTSP-ifyed
> > version of SuSE Linux that is totally Free Software.  But I sure do see a
> > Red Hat version of it.  It's called K12LTSP/K12Linux, specifically designed
> > for--that's right--thin clients.  And Canonical's doing the same with
> > Edubuntu.
> >
> > Please remember to give credit where it's due.
> >
> > --TP
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> >
> > Moon wrote:
> >
> > Sorry, wasn't intended to be. I'm well aware that Red Hat supports the
> > Fedora and K12Linux projects, and not without significant return on
> > investment mind you. I was just pointing out that Red Hat seems to keep
> > slipping in key growth areas, like workstation, Thin Client, and other
> > small-medium business solutions.  Novell is making choosing SUSE a no
> > brainer choice by focusing on small-medium business solutions. I would
> > really hate to see Novell overtake Red Hat in this Linux market. Hopefully
> > Red Hat reads these posts and takes notice...
> >
> >
> > On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 20:48 -0800, Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> >
> > 2009/2/3 Moon <moon at smbis.com>:
> >> Given Red Hat's limited at best interest in Thin Client computing
> >> technology, I can bet they won't be looking at growth this year or next
> >> like
> >> they have had given the current economic downturn and the business sector
> >> looking to reduce costs. Especially given the degree of partnering going
> >> on
> >> among vendors to address the issues.
> >
> > Moon,
> > Making antagonistic and punitive statements are not constructive.
> > Fedora and K12Linux are sponsored by Red Hat, as is this list.
> >
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