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Re: [K12OSN] OT - webmail recommendations?

Joseph Bishay wrote:

Hello People-who's-opinion-I-value-far-more-than-random-Google- results,

I'm trying to set up an email server on a spare box I have.  It is a
pentium 4 so it should do the job.  I've got CentOS 5.2 on it and it's
connected to a big enough pipe to be able to handle our email needs.
I'm just not sure which of the following webmail applications I should
install on it. The requirements are that maybe only 10-15 people will
have email accounts, and the volume of email will not be high for most
of them.  My priority is ease of use -- these users are going to be
moving from hotmail/gmail to a domain-specific email address (as well
as ease of use for setup and administration for myself).

Do you know about Google Apps? It will let you use Gmail and the other Google services on your own domain.

The webmail packages I have seen online are:

1) Squirrelmail (http://www.squirrelmail.org/)
2) Horde IMP (http://www.horde.org/imp/)
3) Roundcube (http://roundcube.net/)
4) Neomail (http://sourceforge.net/projects/neomail/)
5) Hastymail (http://hastymail.sourceforge.net/)
6) V-webmail (http://v-webmail.sourceforge.net/)

Now it would be nice (but not remotely crucial) if the webmail program
allowed access via a smartphone/PDA.  I suppose I could just do it via
the smartphone's IMAP...

SquirrelMail is available as an RPM in CentOS. I don't think the others are. SquirrelMail uses frames though, which doesn't work very well on mobile devices. Gmail does have a nice mobile interface AFAIK.

Anyone have any good/bad experiences with any of the above?

SquirrelMail has been around for quite some time and is pretty stable in my opinion. There are also lots of plugins available for it. I don't like Horde's interface myself (way too cluttered), but there is also a mobile interface for that, although I'm not sure if it's done yet. I believe it's called MIMP. Roundcube looks nice, but doesn't feel very finished to me. Personally I think I might just go with Google Apps in this case, unless you really want 100% control yourself.

Nils Breunese.

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