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Re: [K12OSN] OT - webmail recommendations?

Barry R Cisna wrote:

If you are starting from scratch I think I would go with what Les
Mikesell suggested in the SME server setup. Its hard to beat the "all in
one " install of something like this for convence and getting up and
running without having to add this to make that work,,,blah,,blah,,,.

I'm sure that's a good thought trying to get smartphone support as they
are really coming into play lately. If you don't consider this, sure
enough someone will gripe " Why cant we use our new fangled $500 phone
to look at email"! In our neck of the woods,you don't want to ever step
out of your comfort zone,so I think the smartphone thing is a few
decades off yet!

I think you miss the point of smart phones - they should do all the work themselves and not need anything special on the host side. Set them up to use IMAP over ssl and point them to the same server that everything else uses. If you've selected public and private IMAPS in the SME server email setup, and authenticated SSMTP you can use phones along with any other imap clients to access your mail over the internet and you'll see the same mailbox you see with webmail. Did I mention that virus/spam filtering were included options as well?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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