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Re: [K12OSN] ssh into client in K12Linux

Hmmm.  On K12LTSP 5EL I just us Putty and go right in...

2009/2/5 Stephen Crampton <SteveSings gmail com>
Does anyone know how I can ssh into a thin client from K12Linux?

So far, I tried installing openssh in the chroot, creating keys in and out of the chroot, and transferring public keys in and out of the chroot to authorized_keys2 (linked to authorized_keys).  All files were under /root/.ssh.

When I tried to run sshd in the chroot, it complained, so I copied and renamed the keys and placed them under /etc/ssh (chroot).  Now sshd starts in the chroot without complaint.

I wrote a one-line script to start sshd and put it under /usr/bin and modified lts.conf to use it as a start-up script for all clients.

I did not mess with the passwd file or any startup scripts as described in the LTSP documentation for LTSP 4, because I don't know how different they may be in K12Linux.

When I try to ssh from the server to a client, I get no response: no denial or error message or anything.
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