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Re: [K12OSN] Network boot hangs

Barry R Cisna wrote:

You did not mention if these machines have onboard nics,or added in nic
cards & what brand they are? I would guess this old of machine has an
add in nic card. Some of these old of machines with onboard nics are
actually isa based nics. This may be your prob as well. Regardless. try
finding someplace to grab either any model  Intel pci,or better yet
realtek 8139 pci card (can be bought for $2.50 ea.USD) and I bet your TC
machines will boot alright.  The realtek 8139 cards are the 'easiest'
working nic cards i have run across.Way back we used these by the many
that had the rom socket and burned rom chips to etherboot them this way.

3Com 3C905's of any vintage also work very well in EtherBoot mode. That's mostly what I use, along with one Realtek 8129.

And I'm sure the performance will be plenty satisfactory for someone
wanting to do web browsing with these machines. This is the specs we
used when we first started into using k12lstp and they worked out plenty

I still have one Pentium-I MMX computer around, and it's a great thin client. I can play full-screen TuxType on it with no slowdowns. Same for full-screen video. Why? Because it's got a good video board (Matrox Millenium G400 AGP) and 100Mbps Full-Duplex network card (3Com 3C905 series). Both of these points are very important for performance.

My fastest thin client is an AMD K6-2 running at 450MHz with 256MB DRAM. Otherwise, it's equipped the same as the Pentium I. Also works great. A third client runs an ATI Radeon 7500 AGP video board--not quite as fast as the Millenium, but still good enough.

The Pentium I has a SoundBlaster 16 ISA video board. The K6-2/450 has an Ensoniq AudioPCI. Both work great.

Unless you're running apps locally, you do not need a lot of CPU on your thin clients for K12LTSP 5EL. That's one reason I'm sticking with 5EL for a good, long time, at least on my production network.


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