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Re: [K12OSN] Network boot hangs

I've seen this happen before, back when something was haywire with my client's NIC; it was one of those gradual failures.  Swapping NIC's did the trick then.  I've also (rarely) seen an NFS misconfig do it; this is rare because it's autoconfig'd during the K12LTSP setup.  I'm assuming here that you've left /etc/dhcpd.conf (or /etc/dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf) at its stock config.

Can you try this:  boot a thick client Linux box, try mounting /opt/ltsp/i386 from the LTSP server, and copying everything under there to a test directory on the thick client?

Also, do you have another kind of thin client to try out to see if it happens there, too?

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Peter Trifonov wrote:
Rob, thanks a lot for the suggestion. I have tried gPXE, but with the same
The problem arises AFTER Linux kernel is downloaded from the server and
The kernel says:

Creating new ramdisk to hold our new rootfs
Mounting root filesystem: ... from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx [Some NFS traffic is
observed at the server at this moment]
Setting up the new root ramdisk area
Doing the switchroot
SwitchRoot v0.1 - Copyright 2005 Linux based systems design
Freeing ram used by initramfs

After this the system stops doing anything.

With best regards,
P. Trifonov

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I had a similar problem and found that some clients would not boot with
an etherboot cd, but they would boot with a gPXE cd.  Try that.  You
can get it from www.rom-o-matic.net.  When it comes to the driver
selection part, choose gpxe from the drop-down list.


On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 10:54:44AM +0300, Peter Trifonov wrote:

I have installed K12LTSP 5-EL/32 bit onto a server in my network. It
fine with relatively modern client PCs.
However, booting 12-year old HP Vectra PCs (Pentium-200 CPU, 96 MB
hangs with the words "Freeing ram used by initramfs".
The system is not really frozen, but nothing happens.  I have a few
PCs, and all of them exhibit such behavior. I have observed some NFS
between the server and the client before it hangs.

Does anyone have any suggestions what can be wrong with the clients?

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