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Re: [K12OSN] Network boot hangs

Barry Cisna wrote:

Are these machines -pentium 1's- have onboard nics or add in cards? If
these are integrated nics, it would be worth a try to pull an add on (pci)
card out of a known booting machine and pop the pci nic card into each one
and see if you have any better results. Possibly try switching pci slots
as well. I'm sure you have tried this by this time:) Usually 3com905
nics,as you have, work pretty easily.
Also try unplugging and replugging  your switch as well at the same time.
the switch you are using is not a managed switch is it?
Older HP's and Compaq's have some weird issues with irg sharing when
etherboot booting.Do you ever see a single line saying something like
"disabling IRQ3,,blah,,blah.." or something similar while these machines
I never could really figure out why that is.

NFS tends to send large blocks that old NICs might not be able to receive at full speed. I sort-of remember a similar discussion about 3c509's long ago but can't recall if there was a solution.

Ahh, here's a link:

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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