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[K12OSN] OT? rdesktop and sound

Apologies if this is off topic, but...I need to set a some clients to rdesktop with sound by putting it is SCREEN_01 in lts.conf, but it's not quite working as expected.

I'm running Warren's K12Linux F10 Stable 4 x86-64 Live CD installed to the harddrive.  Sound under ldm works great, but if I try running "rdesktop -r sound:local -f", from ldm, rdekstop works, but sound is on the server, not the client.  If I run "padsp -d -s 'client-ip':4713 -n rdesktop rdesktop -r sound:local -f"  everything works fine, but not quite what I'm looking for.

If I set SCREEN_01 to "rdesktop -r sound:local -f", rdesktop works, but no sound anywhere.  I tried runing "padsp -d -s localhost:4713 -n rdesktop rdesktop -r sound:local -f" from SCREEN_01, but it complained about padsp not found, even when specifying path.

Am I understanding this correctly, pulse server starts on the client, ldm sets up a virtual alsa, rdesktop uses OSS for sound, and padsp reroutes OSS to pulse?  If I set SCREEN_01=shell, do I only have pulse and how do I use it?

Joe O'Brien

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