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Re: [K12OSN] Server mixing up sda/sdb/sdc, etc. at boot time.

I don't really pretend to know anything about this, but can you not mount drives on their serial numbers or something?

I can't remember, and I could be completely wrong, but I seem to remember that somewhere in man 5 fstab, there was some useful stuff.


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Hey folks,

I've got a weird problem. Googling has provided me with links to other people experiencing the same thing (so I'm not crazy, maybe), but no solutions.

I'm getting smartd messages that I have a failing hard drive in my RAID array. So I thought I'd be proactive and swap out the drive since I have a spare. I have 4 sata heads on the mobo. I have sda as the unraided boot drive and sdb + sdc configured as md0 for the /home directory. I figured that sata1 would be sda, sata2 would be sdb, etc. So I pulled the drive that was on sata3 because the message said that sdc had the problem. When I rebooted, the server wouldn't boot up? Turns out that sata3 is sda?! I've tried pulling each of the drives in turn and it seems like the computer reshuffles the drives almost randomly. So they all take turns being sda/sdb, etc., depending on which are plugged, unplugged. Sometimes the raid shows up, sometimes it can't be found. With only one drive pulled, out of 4 drives, only 3 of which are supposed to be in use.

Is there a way to lock these down so that they always correspond to sda/sdb, etc? It seems like that would have to happen in BIOS, but it doesn't look like an option. If the drives aren't assigned sequentially, how am I supposed to swap out the drive?

Any help would be appreciated.


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