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[K12OSN] Using Docks with k12ltsp el5

I'm trying to make the front end to our thin clients a little "friendlier" for students a bit more like the "easy mode" on EeePC's / Aspire Ones. I know the normal KDE/GNome desktop is easy to use it's just that I'm trying to get the thin clients more accepted by staff more then students as they are all "We MUST have M$Windows) so a pretty front end might help :-)

I've had a read about IceWM & Xfce but can't seem to find how ASUS/Acer have done this "Easy Mode", it looks like they have a custom desktop manager :-(

So I'm now thinking of some sort of OSX style dock along the bottom with the common apps on it. Looking at the site below I really like the look of Avent Windows Navigator but this requires Compiz & I don't think this works with thin clients :-) so the looking at the simplier ones "Engage Dock" looks nice.


Now the question, has anyone experimented with these or this sort of thing for there own thin client roll outs ??

Portsmouth College

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