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Re: [K12OSN] OT: any OpenOffice vs. MS Office studies/cases out there?

Rob Owens wrote:
I introduced OpenOffice to a company I used to work for.  Both the
R&D Engineer and the VP of Manfacturing claimed they could not
"figure it out".  The machinists all used it with no problems.

Same story with Linux in general.  Office staff did not want to even
try it.  I put it in the cafeteria for the assembly workers to use
during break, gave them no instruction, and they used it just fine
(they never asked me for help -- not once).

I have found that the acceptance rate goes up when you tell them it's the upgrade to Windows/MS Office. Rename the menu items to Microsoft Word/Excel, etc, use IceWM and use the XP Silver theme.

I did the same with Firefox when I started to phase it in, I changed the icon to the IE e and the name to Internet Explorer.

Once they start using it, then you can slowly work with them to understand Open Source.

Ryan Collins - Technology Coordinator - Kenton City Schools

Blog: http://ryancollins.org/wp/
fn:Ryan Collins
email;internet:mr rcollins ryancollins org

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