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[K12OSN] Where is K12LTSP at?

With a subject like the one above a person could get riled up pretty good.  Not what is intended-

I've been using K12LTSP in our high school for 6 or 7 years.  Just how long I'm not too sure.  I was alway reading every single post for the first 4 or 5 years but was never one to often lend technical answers.  Others here just had more skill.  I'm a full time teacher and just kept busy with the extra 3 K12 servers, 90 clients and another 12 or so servers...

Now that K12LTSP 5 based on Centos has come out the list has slowed down it seems.  I still see Rob O and others here, David H I see in my google contacts, but I don't know where others like Eric are or if they are still involved with K12LTSP.

Fedora LTSP is out and I wonder if some of the skilled users have moved over or have they stopped using LTSP all toegther?  I'm hesitant to make a switch as the Centos5 based K12LTSP seems to be the most stable to date, easy to install and configure.

Are there plans for an EL6 based K12LTSP to be released?   I'm not clear on what Warren T's efforts are aimed at.  I hesitate to put the current into a production environment with such a short life cycle.  I did read 1/2 year ago or so about future possible builds into EL.  It may have been Warren's writing.

What I'm doing is getting ready for the next change up.  Thinking ahead and starting to look at what may be involved for a change.  How long do you all plan to remain with the K12LTSP5?

Regards,  Jim C

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