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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Apple Imac lab

PowerPC Apple boxes don't use PXE; they use a system more akin to how Sun boxes net-boot.  That said, they make fine thin clients assuming they've got decent screen resolution.  That'll of course depend on when it was made.

Since you're talking about iMacs, that means they all use the newer OpenFirmware, like all other "NewWorld" PPC Macs.  You should be able to netboot these things just fine.  However, if you run into trouble with that, I've done basic Yellow Dog Linux installs with pretty much just X11 (no GNOME, KDE, Firefox, or any of that other stuff).  Just enough to get X11 to run.  Then you can stick the following in the rc.local file.

  X -query w.x.y.z

where w.x.y.z is your LTSP server.  This alternate strategy works very well with anything, regardless of architecture, just so long as you've got X11 installed (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, any GNU/Linux, Slowaris, whatever).

So, if it's dirt-cheap, has 10/100 like all iMacs should, and has decent screen resolution, then yeah, go for it!

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David Hopkins wrote:
Ok, I have been asked to determine if it makes sense to acquire a lab
of Apple Imac ( www.apple.com/imac/specs ) and then PXE boot them when
they are not being used for video/audio processing classes. I know I
could configure them to mount home directories for users but that is
not what I'm being asked about.  I'd prefer to stay with thin clients
except as far as I know there aren't any simple, easy-to-use
video/audio editing packages that 'just work' on thin clients. This is
for grades 5-8.  Perhaps the ability to run local apps with K12Linux
solves this?

Dave Hopkins

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