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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Weird OpenOffice behavior

David Hopkins wrote:
Also bear in mind that gnome add it's own layer of environment stuff. So
even if you su - in a terminal window, you will not get the gnome
environment with out going through the gdm login. You will get a null

After doing diffs on the affected users and not finding any real
differences between the terminal session and then su - username in
that terminal session I decided to just go ahead and install
OpenOffice3 on all the servers.  Only took an hour to do so and OOo3
is working fine with the accounts I have checked.

Try backing up the affected users .gnome2 to a new name (mv the old one
out of the way.). Now have the user login from scratch. This will pull
in a new, generic .gnome2. Test the soffice issue. Now they log out and
you run a diff. I suspect they twiddled something using gconf-tool2 and
broke something. Also diff a working user .gnome2 (and maybe .gconf)
with the busted one.

 Sort of out of sequence in my response, but I had tried all of this,
even going so far as to completely delete the existing home
directories since I could restore them from backups of the affected
users and recreating the home directory from scratch but even this
didn't change the behavior which is really really strange. I'm not
sure where staroffice would store something that could affect a user
that had had all the .gnome*, .gconf*, .staroffice8, and other "dot"
directories deleted.

Hmm, this rings a bell. I recall similar behavior on a system a year or two ago, where even wiping out the affected users' home directories didn't stop the oddness. I don't remember the app, although it may have been OOo. Anyway, it turned out to be some stale files in /tmp, files that gnome and/or X create when the user logs in. Cleaning out /tmp resolved the strange behavior.


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