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[K12OSN] Re: Looking for a good Lunchroom POS


Here is a nice looking Mysql based Opensource SIS piece that is now
including the lunch/serveline portion/module along with it. 
I have just played around with it for a couple years off and on and is
very easy to setup and get working.  I think were they make their money
is you have to buy the 'state reporting license module'. I'm not sure
what the dollars would be on this. 
I'm sure you have run into the same thing that most SIS - lunchline
software has more bells and whistles,,that will never be used by the
secretary that has to deal with it every day. This has a very clean
interface to it.
For example,Our school just went to a different SIS program this
year,that don't even have lunchline included. it wound up being about
$45K,+ so much per student,,,per year,just for a smalltown USA school! 


Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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