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[K12OSN] Re: The "can't log in as root to fix the 'can't log in as root'" conundrum

David Hopkins wrote:
    Can you just use "su root" to get root ownership in a terminal session
    after logging in with your normal account?  I normally use su - root
    to get the full login environment, but su root should give you root
    privileges, right?

Yes, as will a plain "su". The dash argument to su means "execute my start-up scripts and set up my environment." Without the dash, you don't get that, meaning you also won't have root's path variable set. That means you'll hafta specify the path to things like /sbin/ifconfig (and other commands). The other argument to su is the username. Without a username specified, su assumes you mean root.

Thank you so much. "su - root" didn't work, so I gave up on the whole su thing. I was hoping there was a simple fix. Can I ask? What do you think the best actual fix for the original problem is?

1)  mv /root /home/
2) ln -s /root /home/root
3) cp -a /root /home/
4) vi /etc/passwd
5) other... please explain

Thanks again,


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