[K12OSN] LTSP5 (fc9-backport on RHEL5) : Local devices ?

Reinald Gfuellner Reinald.Gfuellner at tum.de
Mon Jan 12 08:41:57 UTC 2009

Sound works great but I can't access an USB-Stick in fedora9-ltsp-chroot
on native RHEL5.2.

Would this basically be possible today or do I have to change to

Is there an Explanation how PnP should work ?

Thanks for any hint !



On the server:
  - fuse-Module was loaded by hand
On the client:
  - /dev/sda1 can be mounted by hand
  - no /tmp/drives
  - ltspd runs (though there is no ltspinfod like in k12ltsp )
In a gnome session:
  - /usr/bin/ltspfs client1:/dev/sda1 /tmp/mnt :
   "Couldn't read LTPFS TOLKEN atom."
  - no ~/Drives

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