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bear2bar bear2bar at netscape.net
Thu Jan 15 03:06:51 UTC 2009

You can add my vote to the growing list of "Confused Linux Promoters" 
a.k.a Linux Sys Admin & Users you find it near to impossible to believe 
what has happened to Linux. As an early adopter of K12LTSP I was 
delighted by the ease and coherent approach to setting up and run a 
thin-client system, now with K12linux it seems nothing short of a 
miracle if the server doesn't ..... ugh ..... crash, something akin to 
the "Blue Screen of Death".
Although I do agree that that Linux has progressed dramatically in a few 
short years it has also become a daunting challenge to manage & 
maintain. The development of utilities like Yum & Smart do make updates 
easier, however when an application doesn't work trying to find the 
problem & resolve it is no easier than finding a coherent entry in the 
M$ registry.
I have always adopted the "KISS" principle maybe it time to take a step 
back and try that approach to Linux, least it go the way of the "Dodo bird"

Norbert Bedoucha
UNIX/Linux Sys Admin & Volunteer, as in for free, K12LTSP integrator in 
schools and community organizations
Moon wrote:
> After having spent better part of the afternoon just trying to setup 
> K12Linux and really questioning why, I ran across an article this 
> afternoon that kind of hit the nail on the head. It is an article 
> written by someone I believe most of you know; Carla Schroder. I say 
> she hit the nail on the head because she points out the real coming 
> demise of Linux, especially Red Hat (Fedora mostly so far, but Ubuntu 
> is doing their share, although the GNOME people are adding their own 
> level of confusion) which I also believe is doing their own "Vista" 
> self destruction.  Take a moment and read the article, then go back 
> and compare K12LTSP to K12Linux and tell me I'm wrong.
> http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/2009/01/linux-succumbs.html
> On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 19:27 -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=479893
>> Live Hard Drive install shouldn't mangle the ifcfg-* files
>> Thanks to Almquist Burke for discovering this critical issue in the 
>> previous spin.  I respun the images as "stable2".
>> Going ahead with formal announcement probably tomorrow.
>> Warren Togami
>> wtogami at redhat.com <mailto:wtogami at redhat.com>
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