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Re: What has happened to [K12OSN] K12Linux

Warren Togami wrote:
Luis Montes wrote:

The only thing in k12linux that I don't see as an improvement to K12ltsp is the use of a network bridge to keep the DHCP server off the physical network. It's intention is to protect us from ourselves, which is nice, but I did have trouble removing it and passing traffic through eth0. I'm really hoping that using a network bridge is NOT the default for the next version.

It will forever be the default.

Though what exactly is it making difficult for you?  Please explain?

And if you so choose, is not difficult to reconfigure everything to serve through a real ethX interface instead of the bridge. Doing this manually is no less difficult than it was with K12LTSP.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

My problem was that I was doing a one NIC setup which isn't yet documented:


I'm guilty of not contributing anything back to the documentation once I got it to work. Now I have to figure out again what I did wrong. Maybe this time I'll write things down.

Thanks for all the work you've put in, Warren.


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