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Re: [K12OSN] i810 Graphics support seems to not work on K12Linux

Moon wrote:
Hello, here another K12Linux F10 x86_64 problem, that I had working in K12LTSP on same thin client and same server, just the LTSP version has changed.

This is not a K12Linux problem. You are describing X.org upstream bugs. The K12LTSP version of X is like ~5 years old at this point.

I am having trouble with getting a K12Linux i810 based thin client working.

It seems that the Xserver does not automatically identify the system as being i810 in default mode, nor does it accept i810 (XSERVER=i810) parameter, only vesa, and that only works limited.

If I don't edit the lts.conf file, it boots up into a blue screen with an input box, no text or images displayed. I then enter the username and password to login, which doesn't show either, it tries to boot into X but hangs once the desktop starts to display. It loads the desktop icons and then freezes before loading the top/bottom panels.

If I edit the lts.conf and enter XSERVER=i810 parameter, the thin client locks up just as it gets ready to load X.

What specific hardware is this? Can you edit lts.conf, disable ldm and enable shells, then copy lspci?

If I edit the lts.conf and enter XSERVER=vesa parameter, it boots up fine and seems to work OK. However, when I log out it just goes to a blank screen, no login prompt.

Another gotcha is there is no xorg.conf file anymore, so I'm clueless as to where I could possibly try to tune the video...

X_CONF=/path/to/xorg.conf (path within your chroot)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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