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Re: [K12OSN] i810 Graphics support seems to not work on K12Linux

The primary thin client (which is the only PC platform the school has - 72 total for staff and students) is a Compaq D51 tower 2.2G P4 CPU with 512MB RAM Floppy CD/DVD Player (integrated video chipset).

You're right in that it may be an X.org bug. I'm just not 100% sure it is only an X.org problem. Looking at the Fedora version of the driver, which by the way is named *i810* whereas the one on the X.org website is named *intel*, makes me wonder if this might be a Fedora tweaked replacement.

I just finished setting up another server based on the K12Linux F10 i386 Stable 2 and found that the problem is the same. It is definitely looking like the intel driver is not properly identifying the chipset video.

I do have a geode based thin client that seems to work fine on both servers, i386 and x86_64.

I will check the lspci tomorrow and get you feedback on that.

I don't follow you on this comment as I was not able to find a xorg.conf anywhere on the server, including the chroot (/opt/ltsp/i386).

X_CONF=/path/to/xorg.conf (path within your chroot)

Thanks for the reply and tips...


On Thu, 2009-01-15 at 02:33 -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
Moon wrote:
> Hello, here another K12Linux F10 x86_64 problem, that I had working in 
> K12LTSP on same thin client and same server, just the LTSP version has 
> changed.

This is not a K12Linux problem.  You are describing X.org upstream bugs. 
  The K12LTSP version of X is like ~5 years old at this point.

> I am having trouble with getting a K12Linux i810 based thin client working.
> It seems that the Xserver does not automatically identify the system as 
> being i810 in default mode, nor does it accept i810 (XSERVER=i810) 
> parameter, only vesa, and that only works limited.
> If I don't edit the lts.conf file, it boots up into a blue screen with 
> an input box, no text or images displayed. I then enter the username and 
> password to login, which doesn't show either, it tries to boot into X 
> but hangs once the desktop starts to display. It loads the desktop icons 
> and then freezes before loading the top/bottom panels.
> If I edit the lts.conf and enter XSERVER=i810 parameter, the thin client 
> locks up just as it gets ready to load X.

What specific hardware is this?  Can you edit lts.conf, disable ldm and 
enable shells, then copy lspci?

> If I edit the lts.conf and enter XSERVER=vesa parameter, it boots up 
> fine and seems to work OK. However, when I log out it just goes to a 
> blank screen, no login prompt.
> Another gotcha is there is no xorg.conf file anymore, so I'm clueless as 
> to where I could possibly try to tune the video...

X_CONF=/path/to/xorg.conf (path within your chroot)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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