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Re: [K12OSN] new Thin-client recommendations for budget


I try and keep up on all the latest contraptions that would be a good
fit for ltsp/k12ltsp TC's. I still haven't found a better fit than my
good ol' Ebox 2300. Main reason being no fan, 0 moving parts. This is
what I have used at our home as well for about 4 years now. I about
cringe when I walk into a room and have to hear even one PC fan whirling
away let alone a room of 30 of them, even though most manufacturers are
toning them down quite a bit at this stage of the game. Also the clean
look of mounting them on the back of the LCD. Out of sight ,out of mind
for the little angels at school,the way I see it. Of course these would
never work for video editing but in the real world , how much of this do
kids actually do at school? We have never had one failure with these
versus the new Dell's the school obtains its a constant battle replacing
hard drives,, power supplies,,,yada,,,yada,,
The Ebox 2300 will run Youtube, flash stuff just fine,just FYI.
 You  could buy the MSI Win machines for about the same price as the
Ebox 2300 though, I see.


Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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