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Steve Krause krauses at deerpark.wednet.edu
Tue Jan 20 15:29:22 UTC 2009

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>>> Barry R Cisna <brcisna at eazylivin.net> 1/16/09 5:49:10 PM >>>

>If you can be without this server for a half a day. Pop in the disk 1
>install cd of k12ltsp linux. Boot up the server with this, at the
>command prompt run memtest86.Let this run for at least a couple hours.
>If you do have memory errors something will definitely show up in this
>time frame. This will at least pinpoint for sure if your prob is, in
>fact memory bombing out on you.
>Did you set up your raid5 with the native raid hardware or via
>linux/software raid? If you set up raid with linux raid use the mdtools
>to see if all your arrays are clean and green..
>Also replacing the mouse/keyboard,you will have eliminated several

Thanks Barry,

I plan to stop by the building on my way home this afternoon and replace the keyboard/mouse and start a memtest86 to run the night.  That should reveal any issue.  Another thought.  I have the kernel-PAE installed with 6G of RAM.  The server still appears to only see 4G even though the server counts all 6G at startup.  Could there be an issue addressing the extra RAM?  Maybe I should drop the RAM back to 4G?
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