[K12OSN] NFS Install

j.w. thomas jthomas at bittware.com
Wed Jan 21 03:50:33 UTC 2009

Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Jim,
> Just to narrow things down a little. I'm wondering if the DVD.iso and
> or the _x64 is in fact different than the cd set of EL5, in regards to
> NFS being able to see "inside" the .iso? I've always done EL5 x86
> installs of EL5 via nfs,never loop mounted them. This make installs
> pretty simple and clean.But I do know with the FC8-9-10 *live* dvd you
> do have to (iso9660) loop mount the dvd.iso  as you have mentioned then
> nfs export that dir. Another little quirk with the FC# Live DVD you have
> to put a leading / in the nfs dir path in anaconda versus not
> previously. I don't know if this may be your prob as well. I'm sure
> you've tried about every combination of slashes here and there trying to
> get things to work:-)
> Keep pluggin away.
> Barry

I didn't think to try it without the leading slash.  I'll try that 

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