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Re: [K12OSN] NFS Install

Peter Scheie wrote:
For doing installs via NFS, it is not necessary to mount the ISOs nor copy all the files within the ISOs to the exported directory. It is only necessary to export the directory containing the ISO files. This only applies to installing via NFS. If the server-to-be is installed via http or ftp, then all the files contained in the ISOs must be copied to the directory served by the http or ftp server.

Another thing to try would be booting a live CD or USB on the server and seeing if you can mount the share(s) from the NFS server.


That would be an easy thing to try. This server doesn't have an optical drive, so I borrowed an external USB DVD drive. I wasn't sure it would boot over USB, so I did a "test install" of F10 on it. In other words, I have a functional Fedora 10 on my new server's HD right now, and I was getting ready to overwrite with K12 EL5.

Should be easy enough to do a mount from that.

While we're on that topic... is there a way to run anaconda from a functional Linux install without booting from external media? That would have saved me from having to burn boot.iso to a disc, but that's not the only reason I ask. I have an old laptop kicking around, and it will no longer boot from its CD drive. It's pretty much stuck with an old, old Fedora Core... maybe 3, or maybe even older. It's old enough to not have PXE in the BIOS, or even an integrate NIC (PCMCIA ether). I would love to squeeze a little more life out of it. Just not with FC3.

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