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[K12OSN] AdvancedNetworkSetup

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I've started to put together the AdvancedNetworkSetup page on the k12linux wikki at https://fedorahosted.org/k12linux/wiki/ AdvancedNetworkSetup . Right now, I'm attempting to put up a guide to doing a Single NIC (aka "Mixed network") install. I haven't done my own single NIC install yet, though I will be trying one next week, so it's only a vague outline of things that need to be changed. Plus I'm never going to be able to cover all the possible permutations that you can do using the single NIC mixed into an existing network.

My thinking is that, as this page grows, we will create separate pages for each advanced networking topic and link to them. Authentication to LDAP or Active Directory integration, NFS mounting /home from another server, NBD Root filesystems, Setup on a mixed network (aka Single NIC setup), etc. Right now I'm just putting them all on this page for the moment. If you have anything to contribute (or pointers to existing guides that are still good) for Fedora 9 and 10.

In short, I'm looking for anyone who wants to add to an article or write one up. If you don't want to get a login for the wikki, feel free to email it to me (or the list, I'l get it).

- ---Burke Almquist
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