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Re: [K12OSN] Open Office problem!

>> However while I am able to use it to set up the correct launch
>> location, etc. I don't have that 'mandatory' option, nor are the icons
>> on the panel.  They do show up under apps ->panel ->objects but
>> they're not on the panel itself -- I think I erased them when I
>> uninstalled the stock OO.
>> How do I restore them and get that mandatory option?
> You need to run gconf-editor as root in order to have the mandatory and default options.

And once as you, you can right click the item to set it or open up a
new window from the file menu for mandatory settings

>>One more question -- cosmetic but I think important.  openoffice
>>automatically associates it's icons with .doc and .xls files, but it
>>does not with .docx and .xlsx files -- how do I associate their image
>>with the files?

Edit the defaults.list in /usr/share/applications is one way to do it
(its what I use).  A quick google gives this hit:
 but there may be better explanations.

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School
Newark Delaware

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