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"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Fri Jan 30 06:47:57 UTC 2009

I popped a little parallel-port print server onto my LaserJet 6L.  It's 
a TrendNet TE100-P1P unit, which cost right around $39.  Works great.  
It looks a lot like one of those copy-protection parallel-port dongles 
from the early 1990's.  It has a 10/100 Ethernet port on it, and it's 
configured via a standard Web browser (I used Firefox on CentOS 5).  It 
speaks IPP (CUPS), JetDirect-ese (aka "TCP/IP printing"), LPR, and I 
think even SMB/NetBIOS.  I use the JetDirect-ese ("TCP/IP printing") mode.

In your case, this would allow you to have your K12LTSP server in one 
room, and your LaserJet 1000 in another room--anywhere where there's an 
Ethernet port.

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antivirus protection!

Joseph Bishay wrote:
> Hello,
> So I have a feeling that there's some sort of evil force trying to
> prevent me from getting this lab off the ground.
> My latest trouble has to do with trying to get a printer working.  I
> had it working once when I was using K12LTSP 5 (based on FC with LTSP
> 4.2) but now that I've upgraded to EL5 nothing is really working.
> Here's the skinny:
> 1) Printer is USB HP Laserjet 1000
> 2) Printer works no problem when directly plugged into the server.
> This isn't feasible because the server is not in the computer lab
> 3) The printer cannot be plugged into a thin client because it does
> not work with JetDirect (as per this site
> http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/fastFaqLiteDocument?lc=en&cc=uk&dlc=en&
> docname=bpj06101).  My printer shows up under "Exceptions and
> unsupported printers", of course.
> 4) I was, under the older K12ltsp, able to get it to print by plugging
> a WIN98 machine into the internet switch that the LTSP internet NIC
> was also plugged into.  I then installed the printer on the WIN 98 and
> shared it out.  Pointed LTSP to the share and printing was fine.
> This, however, no longer works when I upgraded to CentOS.
> 5) When I try to replicate that scenario of using win 98, I find I am
> able to browse the shares on the win98 machine from the LTSP server
> but only if they are directories, NOT the printer shares!  This is the
> case if I use LinNeighbourhood or Nautilus, or anything else.
> 6) I can force CUPS to point to the place where the printer share
> SHOULD be: (smb:///PRINTSVR1/HPLJ_1000 or the IP version
> smb:/// and printing will still not work -
> gives the error: Unable to connect to CIFS host, will retry in 60
> seconds...
> 7) This is the exact same win98 machine and printer that was before
> working fine -- the only changes I can see are 1) the centos ltsp, and
> 2) the IPcop machine that is on the network now
> Is there any hope?  I've even asked the IRC LTSP bot and it had no
> good suggestions (typing "!BlowupPrinter" gave me "Error:
> "BlowupPrinter" is not a valid command." at 1 am).
> Thank you.
> Joseph
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