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Re: [K12OSN] Very frustrating!

Rob Owens wrote:
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 04:23:21PM +0200, Dean Mumby wrote:
Rob Owens wrote:
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 01:22:23AM -0500, Joseph Bishay wrote:

So I have a feeling that there's some sort of evil force trying to
prevent me from getting this lab off the ground.

My latest trouble has to do with trying to get a printer working.  I
had it working once when I was using K12LTSP 5 (based on FC with LTSP
4.2) but now that I've upgraded to EL5 nothing is really working.
Here's the skinny:

1) Printer is USB HP Laserjet 1000

2) Printer works no problem when directly plugged into the server.
This isn't feasible because the server is not in the computer lab

3) The printer cannot be plugged into a thin client because it does
not work with JetDirect (as per this site
docname=bpj06101).  My printer shows up under "Exceptions and
unsupported printers", of course.

This applies to Windows only.  This is a "host-based" printer, as HP calls 
it.  That means (under Windows), it must be attached directly to a 
computer.  It doesn't support jetdirect natively.  When it gets hooked to 
an LTSP thin client, it should work though.  I've done it with an HP 1020.

Double-check all your steps.  

1)  Is the thin client listed in lts.conf, and are you specifying in that 
file that it has a usb printer attached?

2)  Does the thin client have a static IP address?

3)  Have you rebooted the thin client after making the above 

4)  Have you configured a jetdirect printer in cups which points to the IP 
address or hostname of the correct thin client?  Did you specify HP 
Laserjet 1000 as the printer?

There are probably some things I'm missing here.  Everybody, feel free to 
add to my list.


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The problem I think is that its not really a printer until the computer 
uploads the firmware and tells it that it is a printer , this is why it 
needs to be connected to a pc with the drivers.

Have you tried setting it up as a tcp/ip printer from a windows machine 
? it might upload the firmware that way  ???

That could be.  I successfully used an HP Laserjet 1020 on a thin client, but that same printer had previously been attached to a Windows computer.


Since it works when hooked up directly to the K12LTSP server, why not just hook up a little cheapie "JetDirect-like" print server, make a print queue in the K12LTSP server, and put the printer wherever there's a network drop?

Or would that not work for your situation?  Is there a specific reason why it has to hang directly off of a thin client?


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